The Homes of Famous Louisvillians

Most people that live in our area know that lots of celebrities have come from Louisville, but have you ever wondered where in Louisville they lived?  What their houses looked like?  Well, we were curious so we did a little research and this is what we found.

Diane Sawyer:


Before Diane began her career as a weather forecaster for WHAS, before she worked for the Nixon administration, even before she became the first female correspondent of 60 Minutes, she lived in this home off Lowe Road in the St. Regis Park area.  It was close to Seneca High School where she attended.



Muhammad Ali:

muhammadpicThese are the before and after Louisville homes of Muhammad Ali.  The left side picture is his childhood home located at 3302 Grand Street – before becoming “The Greatest”.  After many years away, Ali returned to Louisville and purchased the home on the right in 2007.  It’s located in Prospect in a neighborhood off US 42.


Tom Cruise:

tomcruispicTom was born in Syracuse, NY but spent a few years in Louisville.  He lived in this home in the Highlands area near Bardstown Road while attending grade school at St. Raphael and high school at St. X.



Jennifer Lawrence:

jenniferlawpicJennifer grew up in the east end of Louisville and lived in this home off Blankenbaker Lane while going to school nearby at Kammerer Middle School.  Her parents still own the house and Jennifer is rumored to visit often.



John Schnatter:

schnatterpic“Papa” John actually grew up and started his pizza business in Southern Indiana but he has since moved over to Louisville and lives in this massive estate in Anchorage.  With approximately 40,000 SF and situated in one of Louisville’s most exclusive zip codes, this home is easily one of the the city’s most expensive.  The PVA assesses the property for $7.5 million.


Larry Birkhead:

birkheadpicLarry was born in Louisville in 1973, grew up here and graduated from Doss High School in 1991. He became famous after the death of Anna Nicole Smith, when it was determined by DNA test that he was the real father of their daughter, Dannielynn.  The two returned to Louisville and currently live in this Prospect home.


Rick Pitino:

pitinopicRick Pitino wasn’t born in Louisville, but it’s safe to say that he lives here now.  PVA records don’t show him currently owning a home in Jefferson County, but he previously owned and lived in this house in Mockingbird Gardens.